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Five Traits All Successful Leaders Have In Common

Five Traits All Successful Leaders Have In Common

What are some characteristics effective leaders share? This was a question asked via the online question and answer site Quora.

A fantastic answer was posted by Mark Gould that lists Five Traits All Successful Leaders Have In Common. See the “Five Traits” below and ask yourself, do I exhibit these leadership traits? Keep in mind that being in a leadership position doesn’t automatically make you a great leader. Leadership skills must be learned and honed to increase your effectiveness as a leader.

Think about the best bosses you have worked for in your career and what attributes they demonstrated. Also remember that sometimes you can learn more from a leader’s bad demonstrated attributes and become a better leader yourself be avoiding those negative traits.

The Five Traits of Successful Leaders provided by Mark Gould are below:

Self-Awareness: Having self-awareness is vital for any leader so that you can build out your team with people who balance your own strengths and weaknesses. If you’re not aware of your own developmental needs, you may be more confident than you should be, and you may not realize the need for a particularly critical skill on your team. Do an anonymous 360 review with your team, and listen carefully to what it says.

Humility: Have you ever worked for a boss that thought he or she was right all the time, even when they weren’t? When you become a leader, people just automatically look to you for answers and direction. Resist the urge to always just offer direction, especially if you’re not entirely sure what the best answer is. Ask your team for their thoughts and demonstrate your willingness to take their advice, and you might be surprised how the culture in your group changes.

Curiosity: I try to surround myself with people that are curious about a wide range of issues. Leaders who immerse themselves purely in their business silo can miss emerging issues or opportunities, as well as connections with other industries. And, it’s way more fun to have a team with diverse interests.

Authenticity: I value leaders who don’t try to be one thing in the office, and another thing elsewhere. Inevitably, the real person comes out, particularly in times of stress. And, if your team senses that you’re not authentic in your words and actions, they’ll question whether you’ll have their back when issues surface, and it’s a safe assumption that they’ll start looking to move to another job.

Humor: Let’s face it: work is hard, and we spend a lot of time in the office. However, just because work is serious doesn’t mean that we need to take ourselves too seriously. Particularly when the going gets tough, a little humor can go a long way to keep the team motivated. Don’t get carried away in thinking you need to be a comedian; just be yourself. A team who laughs together will have lower turnover and higher productivity.

Gain or improve these traits to increase your positive influence as a leader to increase the productivity of your team and yourself. At CTV Capital, we are committed to building these skills in our workplace. To leaders who do not or rarely exhibit the leadership traits above, the best thing to do is just admit your mistakes to the team, and try to avoid falling into the same trap again, then work together on building a better work environment. Communication is a key to success and even communicating shortfalls to your team will increase your standing as a leader with them.

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